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[Xiaomi / ZTE / others?] Synchronization is never run

Applies to: Xiaomi and ZTE devices (maybe others with "autostart" restrictions, too)

Choose "Permissions" in Xiaomi Settings Set "Autostart", "Permissions", "Other Permissions" Choose "DAVdroid" in "Autostart" DAVdroid needs "Contacts", "Calendar" and OpenTasks permissions Allow DAVdroid to sync contacts Allow DAVdroid to sync events Allow DAVdroid to sync tasks Allow DAVdroid to read tasks Allow DAVdroid to write tasks Choose DAVdroid in "other permissions" In "Other permissions", allow DAVdroid to run in the background Open "Manage apps battery usage" Click on "Choose apps" in "Manage apps battery usage" Choose "DAVdroid" Set "no restrictions" for DAVdroid in order to allow automatic sync

It seems like Huawei, Xiaomi, ZTE and maybe others have added some modifications which are not available in default Android, and which prevent DAVdroid from synchronizing.

To get it working, you have to

  • add DAVdroid to "Autostart" (required for automatic sync)
  • check DAVdroid permissions (should be requested by DAVdroid automatically)
  • disable "battery management" for DAVdroid (required to run sync regularly)

See the screenshots (taken on a Xiaomi device) for more details. The screens make look somehow different on your device.

If DAVdroid doesn't sync after a reboot, please check those things again.

Additional information

For discussion and more information, please have a look at this forum thread about Xiaomi.

The same has been reported for ZTE nubia, too.

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