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How can I change my calendar colors?

DAVdroid account setting: Manage calendar colors

DAVdroid receives the calendar colors from the server. If your server doesn't provide a color for a calendar, DAVdroid will assume "DAVdroid green".

If your server supports colors:

  1. change it on the server and
  2. refresh your calendars (DAVdroid / Choose account / Refresh calendars). The new color should now be shown in the collection list.
  3. At every sync, the collection list is checked and the colors will be written to the actual local calendars. If you don't want the calendar colors to be kept in sync with your collection list (i.e. if you don't want DAVdroid to set the calendar colors at every sync): DAVdroid / Account settings / disable "Manage calendar colors".

If your server does not support colors:

  1. Add your calendars as usual, check them in DAVdroid, synchronize. They're now visible in your calendar app, but in "DAVdroid green".
  2. Navigate to the account in DAVdroid / Account settings / disable "Manage calendar colors". This will prevent DAVdroid from updating the calendar colors.
  3. Use a third-party app like Calendar Color (F-Droid) or Calendar Colors (Play Store) to set the calender colors.

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