Pre-compiled DAVdroid versions are available in various stores.
  • Get fast automatic updates from Google's own app store!
  • Payment using credit card, PayPal or (in some countries) phone bill

Android 4 only: If DAVdroid accounts are deleted after a reboot or DAVdroid upgrade, you will need the DAVdroid JB Workaround (because of a bug in Play Store).

  • Direct download (.apk without DRM)
  • Payment using PayPal, credit card

To get informed about new versions, subscribe to the davdroid-announce mailing list.

  • Use your Amazon account to pay
  • No Google account required
  • Almost all countries
  • Built-in market on Samsung devices; no need for JB Workaround
  • Payment using credit card, SMS or phone bill

Task synchronization

If you want to use task synchronization, please install the OpenTasks app [F-Droid, Play Store] before installing/upgrading DAVdroid.

Otherwise, DAVdroid won't get permission to access the OpenTasks app. In some cases you may have to reboot your phone after installing the tasks app.