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What is DAVdroid?

DAVdroid is an open-source CalDAV/CardDAV synchronization app for Android 4+.

Key features

Supported and tested on various platforms

We have tested DAVdroids functionality with various platforms, providers and servers. – Your cloud, your data, your way!
E-Mail: Grün, sicher, werbefrei
Radicale – CalDAV and CardDAV server
The software for business communication
CalDAV + CardDAV lightweight server: Baïkal
Apple iCloud compatible
Sync with you Apple OS X Server
Zimbra Community Edition
DAViCal Server to synchronize calendar and contacts
Yandex mail offers calendars and address books
Group Office – Groupware
Cozy – a Personal Cloud
Email, calendars and contacts done right.
Mehr Sicherheit, Seriosität und Komfort

DAVdroid is Free and Open-Source Software


DAVdroid is designed to be an open-source project from the very first beginning. It is always possible to compile the app yourself and use it for free without any obligations. The source code is available on Github, and you can download the app on F-Droid.

However, it was much work to create this app, so we have decided to put it into Google Play and other commercial stores for a small fee. If you want to support this project, please consider donating to DAVdroid or purchasing it.